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4 day weekend ahead, I don't know what to do with myself

small success of the day: I got my new workplace issued city public transport card AND THEY MANAGED TO USE AN UMLAUT IN MY NAME IN THE CORRECT PLACE AND EVERYTHING THIS TIME! yäy! gõ workplace! yoü can dö it!

ongoing issue: I'm getting a rash on my arms from time to time. and it itches. I think.. it might be.. chocolate?! have I developed a sensitivity/allergy to chocolate? noooooooooo!

where is the mon€y going? I still buy lots of fancy tea, but now there's a new obsession: handbags. one has already arrived, other one.. has not been shipped yet? what the hell!, and I'm thinking about a third one already. oh! there's one more actually, so four bags have happened/will be happening in a short time period. I promise I will stop now. really.


off to dye my roots now, ciao!

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