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"4 Reasons 2013 Officially Marked the Death of the Nerd"

Not that Cracked is a great or reputable resource for anything really, but this article rubbed me the entirely wrong way.

Basically, attractive women identifying as nerds is what really killed the nerd.

It's really only been in the past couple of years that we've pulled the nerdy characters into the frontlines of entertainment and made them the focal point. Well, as nerdy as can be expected by TV standards. It basically boils down to supermodels with slightly odd hair talking about science (Big Bang Theory) or supermodel girls who are kind of stupid and klutzy (New Girl). Both comedies. Both painting the characters as adorable and lovable.


Nope sorry, your problem is with women being in your boys club.

They're not exactly having to pay for dates. More on that in a bit.

I think that's just you that has to pay for dates, you know, since you don't like women.

The point is that as long as they speak, act, and look a certain way, we're fine with nerds — in fact, we love them. But that's not how we operate in real life. We're off-putting. We're annoying. We're the people you make fun of when we leave the room ... or while we're still in the room, crying and trying to hide the rapidly growing urine spot on our crotches. We spend our days in virtual isolation, doing things for entertainment that would bore a normal person into fits of tear-filled insanity.

Using them as main characters isn't being accepting — it's a costume party for pretty, likeable people. A caricature for a personality type that is already a caricature of itself.


Is your self esteem that low that you've taken pride in your pants wetting abilities? What is this? I don't even.

Have a supermodel make out with a hideous dork, and nerds become fucking cartoon characters. Seriously, check out the disgusted look on her face at the end of that GoDaddy commercial:

That is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen. It makes him look like a Make-A-Wish charity case. When she pulls back and looks at the cam- wait. Oh, shit, I get it now. "If you're a nerd and you use our product, you'll get laid." OK, that makes much more sense


I like how you're ignoring that the hot lady is really the object in this. Good analysis, bro.

I will give them this much: At least they're acknowledging that if you're a nerd and a guy, you're most likely not banging any hot chicks. Again, this isn't just me putting my own definition onto the word. It is literally defined as an "unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person." The commercials are saying, "Yep, we know you're socially fucked. But buy our shit, and we can help you get your dick wet."


You defined nerd earlier as an all-consuming obsession with something, Star Wars for instance, but now the definition is ugly and socially inept? Okay. I feel so bad for you, commercials are using your special snowflake identifier. Let me just forget about how those hot women that aren't getting your dick wet are treated like a prize in a fucking cereal box.


You have my deepest sympathies. I'm so very sorry that you still have a high school grudge towards women and minorities because you apparently have a pants-wetting problem.

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