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40 days of Dating

Anyone else a fan of this blog? I've mostly been avoiding it since it was first brought up on Jezebel. I actually quite like it. Although I'm slightly annoyed about how commercial is has all become (with the movie and show appearances), I found outside of hollywood, the blog is actually quite interesting.


I'm a fan of 'getting into someone elses psyche' pieces, especially with self narration (its why I love Dexter, Memento, Sin City). And I felt there arent too many pieces where you see both sides of the coin. I do, however, feel like the guy (Tim) is holding back a lot more than (Jenny). That being said, I feel something like this is very interesting. Almost like a reality-blog (like reality TV).

I DO FEEL this is highly affected by the Observer Effect. You know someone is 'watching' so your natural behavior is modified. And someone else noted that the same feeling I had

I intentionally didn't read their blog b/c I just knew there was an ulterior motive. It was an attention-getting tactic to, like you said, get a book deal, or tv show, or *something*.

Like there was always an 'end plan' for it. All that considered, I found it quite enjoyable. It reminds me of a Japanese type love story (If you've seen trainman, it really reminds me of that for some reason). Its even more awesome when the page loads in ascending order (Sometimes, Day 1 loads at the top. sometimes it loads at the bottom).

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