You know, you always think that you will hit a point where you will actually feel like an adult. I swear, I just haven't hit it yet. I'm a freaking grandma, but if you ask, I only feel like an adult about 20% of the time! And this is one of those moments.

My daughter and I had a serious falling out. In August. And we haven't spoken since. This makes family stuff super awkward, because she moved in with my parents when I refused to continue supporting her after the falling out.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were manageable. My parents spent Thanksgiving with her and Christmas with me. So, now here we are at Mother's Day. I asked my mother a few weeks ago what her plan was. She explained that she had told my daughter "I'm spending Mother's Day with my daughter, and you should spend it with yours." I was very okay with this solution.

Then yesterday, I get a text from my mother about the username and password for her router that I set up. Now, my mom is on the ball but she should not need to be re-configuring her router so I called and asked her what was up. I guess my daughter wanted to make some changes and grabbed the phone and explained to me what she wanted to do. This is the first time that we have spoken in 9 months. After getting off the phone, I promptly started tearing up. At work, too so that was an extra bonus.

So, my hormones were allowing me to have a really upbeat day today so I decided What The Hell, and texted my mother to tell her that my daughter was welcome to join us for Mother's Day. And she accepted. Hopefully, I can keep my emotions in control and do this, but at least I've taken the first step.


Wish me luck guys!

TLDR - After not talking to my daughter for 9 months, we will be brunching this Sunday for Mother's Day and I'm scared shitless!



I was just warned to expect a delivery today. Apparently before I broke down and invited my daughter to brunch, she had sent me flowers. I guess we are both ready for this feud to end!


Thanks again for all of your support and well wishes!