So maybe it's kind of lame but I started the stopwatch on my phone when I picked up the peep from daycare Friday. I thought it would be a good reminder to look back and see how much time I spent taking care of her successfully. Forty two hours. From 6pm Friday evening until noon on Sunday when I dropped her off at my MILs for the afternoon.

The big bird got home around 2. It turned out that guys all decided to come back on Sunday anyway so our argument about him coming home early ended up not mattering. grrr. But at least it meant he wasn't upset about coming back early. He was proud of how well it went for us. And it did. I started to get a little burned out by her Saturday night and Sunday morning after facetiming with dad and stepmom she got a bit fussy with me. I felt my anxiety rise but ultimately that's all that happened. I still had to deal with her. She responded to me for the most part and I do feel like some confidence has been gained. Now that my husband is home I'm going to try to not fall back into the habit where I let him do everything related to her, except for tonight. She's all his tonight.