Although I'm pleased at the new stock photos of women that DON'T have us laughing over salad or yogurt, I'm a little disappointed with them. I do appreciate the diversity of races and activities throughout these pictures.

However, with the exception of a handful, all I see are skinny women.

Out of 44 photos, only 37 of them (depending on you see it) show women who represent the ideal body figure in this country. There's even one photo showing the silhouette of a very skinny woman, but she's all dressed up for work and holding an iPad so...success?

I don't mean to nitpick so much. I really don't. As a size 8-10 woman myself, I'm thrilled to see these images, and I hope they're used as much as possible. But the average dress size in this country remains a 12-14. It would be nice if the majority of these photos reflected that body type too.

ETA: shootermcgavinburner has rightly pointed out the lack of disabled women as well. Nice catch.