Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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48 hours till biopsy

Having trouble sleeping, having trouble eating. Feeling sorta sick to my stomach. My daughter was very clingy this morning before school. She sat in my lap and we rocked a long time. It felt good to me too. I have been reading about breast cancer on the internet. I didn't know anything. Why couldn't these awareness campaigns have actual information people need to be aware of? Like what risk factors there are? Instead of what color your underwear is. I was going to skip mammograms because they hurt. I thought this was about a sinus infection. Swollen tender feeling in my armpit goes back years. I can feel the lump. It had an irregular border on the ultrasound. Why didn't I ask more questions when I watched her scanning it so closely? I wasn't scared at all because I knew it was nothing. It's always nothing. I hope it's nothing.


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