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4chan really put one over on us broads

or not.

Over the weekend a bunch of shriveled ballweasels from 4Chan (the natural habitat of shriveled ballweasels) decided to get those feminazis good. Their plan was to publicize a fake feminist convention, let the money roll in, and send everyone who bought a ticket the address of a gay bar. (Becasue GAY = HILARIOUS, RIGHT GUYS? *HIFIVES*)

Their only obstacles were having no idea what they were doing and learning to spell “feminism” correctly.

In terms of convincing the world of their legitimacy, their methods were… lacking. I mean, where to even start with this shit? Maybe the fact that conferences don’t pop up three weeks before they start? Or that anyone who wanted to attend would most definitely do a Google Maps search to find out where the conference was located and oh hey that’s weird, why is this feminist conference at a bar? Actually, let’s start with their truly pathetic strawman puppet accounts created all on the same day? Because as Daily Dot points out, “What could be more convincing than a day-old account with “I <3 FEMINIST FREQUENCY” as its bio?”


But the feminazis were soon on to their game


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