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Welcome To The Bitchery
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4th of July food thread!

Whether you’re feeling patriotic or are really bummed about the state of the country (or don’t live here, which A. lucky you and B. you’re totally welcome in this thread), we all still gotta eat. So what’s cookin’/grillin’/bein’ delivered today?

We’re making Plated’s shrimp rolls with Old Bay potato chips- like a Maine-style lobster roll but shrimp. My one complaint (before cooking) is that they aren’t quite New England-style hot dog buns, with crust only at the top and bottom. I may or may not get over this injustice by dinner time. For dessert we have shortcake shells that we’ll fill with berries and whipped cream for our traditional Treason Day dish.

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Please no one eat 70+ hot dogs, you will die. 

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