You know what that means.

BBQ, family, friends, American flags, and Uncle Jack mansplaining birth control and the SCOTUS opinion.

I thought we could use this space to share resourceful links to prepare us for educated rebuttals.

1. When Plan B or any emergency contraception is called an abortion pill (this one is my personal pet peeve.) That is not how it works and not because your religion but because SCIENCE.

2. It isn't about women. Well then why is Hobby Lobby still covering these?


3. It is about religious freedom. For which religions? Oh only Christian. Does this need a link?

4. It is their Christian morality that makes them opposed to BC. But their morality only exists in America in relation to women? Even Christians are calling out Hobby Lobby's hypocrisy.


5. It is only certain forms of birth control. Well well well apparently you don't understand how SCOTUS opinions work. They lay the groundwork for others like companies that don't want to pay for IUDs at all and this could be used to refuse many other forms of medical treatment.

Sorry I got a little attitude arguing with myself at the end. I try not to be so arrogant when I argue irl.


ETA: to bring down your blood pressure keep this at hand to play post argument with Uncle Jack:

EagainTA: nothip posted this amazing graph that is great for responding to the arguments that women should keep their legs crossed till they are married.