TW: Pics of postpartum bodies and stories of PPD

On my ride home from my LAST class for the semester I caught this interview with the head of the project and she shared her story of losing one of her twin daughters and how traumatic the C-section was for her. I was thiiiis close to tears just listening to her talk about the experience. I've never been a mother, but i have walked alongside many so i'm keenly aware of how our bodies change with pregnancy.

Quote from the Huff post story:

"[T]his project has been something that has felt a necessity in my mind for years now," she told HuffPost by email, adding that the impetus for the series was deeply personal. "After coming out the other side of a very traumatic pregnancy and birth experience myself and struggling with the strangeness of my new body, I felt like it was finally time to make this project a reality."


You can read the story and see some pics of the project here:…

The pic is my favorite from the series, i just love the happiness on this mother's face :)


Here's the radio interview…