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5 things

5 things at this moment:

1. my hair feels greasy, i may have over-conditioned it, or not rinsed all the conditioner out. it's gross. also, if i weren't me and didn't know it was normal, i'd be concerned with how much i shed.

2. i don't feel like going to walk the cute yellow dog because i am lazy and in yoga pants that aren't publically appropriate and i don't feel like changing, but i am a major proponent of 'getting things over with', so after this post, i will.


3. yea! gifs are back! that makes me glad. i'm not going into the gif parties, though, 'cause my computer is old and gets cranky with too many gifs.

4. bubbe's kosher dill pickles make me happy. so happy. all of you out there who drink pickle juice... you haven't even had pickle juice 'til you've had this ambrosia.

5. I have few plans this weekend, but do need to get the apartment a little more ship-shape.


Please share 5 'of the moment' things going on for you! :)

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