Let's play a game: tell me 5 things that are going on with you right now. Doesn't have to be profound or anything, just fun/interesting/weird little facts about your life right now.

1) My daughter is 10 months old and her pigtails have gotten so high she's basically a Fraggle.


2) My 3 y/o son got a new bike and the feminazi bonerkiller in me is delighted he chose pink, especially since he only ever refers to it as "my new pink biiiiiike!"

3) I am counting down to my June friends getaway to Antigua and welcome bathing suit recommendations.

4) I finally found a dentist! Huzzah! (It's been a year and a half...)

5) I've had a writing gig lately and I'm really enjoying it! I still have a lot to learn, but I'm taking it assignment by assignment.