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5 Things: Product Recommendation Edition

For today’s game, go ahead and recommend five products you think your fellow GT friends should partake of. I’ll start!

Aster + Bay Travel Kit


I am obsessed with this line and this is a fantastic way to see if it will work out for you. Pricier than St. Ives and Noxema, yes, but it lasts FOREVER, is all natural/cruelty free, and supports a female owned small business.

Rad American Women A-Z

This book is IDEAL for a 7-11 year old, but I actually love it myself! I’ve learned about a lot of women I hadn’t heard of! It’s accessible, intersectional, and the design is awesome. I read it to my 1 year old (just the “A is for/B is for...” part... She happily freaks out every time we get to Patti Smith for some reason.) and my almost-4 year old (I include the first line that summarizes each woman: he doesn’t quite have the patience for a while bio yet.)

Siggi’s Skyr


Icelandic yogurt/cheese. If you like Greek yogurt, but find the flavored too sweet or the plain too sour, this is perfect.

Esther Williams Bathing Beauty Swimsuit


Again, pricey, but flattering and very high quality. I am going to strut around in this thing like a damn queen all summer.

Moon Cup


Because the Menstrual Cup Club has to be cultish about recommending this thing. I commented about it on the MP recently and spent the next several days answering questions.

What say you, GT? Sell me on something!

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