i thought we might use this, our beloved format to share 5 things about our weekends, good, bad, thoughtful, or otherwise. So... How was it GT?

1) we took our kids to a dinosaur park today; 32 actual sized robotic dinosaurs. It was actually awesome. They both loved it. Le Petit Comte’s fav was the triceratops...

He got to cuddle a baby dinosaur puppet, though, which was the cutest. He fed it a bottle and then gave it an unprompted hug, which made the puppeteer melt.

2) My 1 year old ate an entire order of gyoza by herself. #soproud

3) I found the PERFECT shaped tea cup for my tea cup tattoo!


Every day after school, my mom and I would have a cup of tea together. I’m getting a tea cup and she’s getting a teapot.

4) my vacation sunburn has finally turned to tan

5) We finally kicked La Petite Comtesse out of our bed (our bedsharing policy is that we do it when it gets us more sleep than putting her in her own bed would; that recently ended. She had a great 13 month run.) It is going SO MUCH better with her than it did with our son. Like, she wakes up once at night, we give her a 5 minute cuddle, we put her down, she cries for 35 seconds and then goes to sleep. I’m not a pacifier at night anymore and it’s GREAT!