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5 Thoughts in 5 minutes!

GAME TIME. But not really because I'm not as awesome as MedusaAsudem and I'm offering no prizes. Um, there's also no way to win or lose.

But if you're the type who appreciates a good participation trophy (or gif!), post 5 things you're thinking right now!


I'll start it off:

1) Why does downtown DC smell like the inside of an asshole right now? It's usually the politicians spewing sewage, not the actual plumbing system.

2) Real Housewives of OC finale is SOOPER dramatic right now. Vicki's daughter's husband seems like a serious jerk and I feel bad for Lydia's mom. (This probably means as much to most of you as all the Doctor Who references mean to me).

3) Retail. Sucks. Hard.

4)Is this yogurt expired? It...kinda tastes weird. I'm going to keep eating. Results to follow.


5) I hope other GTers participate in this thread.

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