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5 Years Ago, I'd Never Have Guessed That I would...

...prefer going to bed at 11 and waking up at 6 or 7, as opposed to staying up all night and sleeping all day. This was a sudden change with me. It didn't change with an "adult" job. When I had a regular hours job, I constantly fought my sleeping pattern. Now, I am sort of half on my own schedule, and I work roughly 12-6 a few days a week too. Yet somehow, I get up bright and early, ready to get shit done.

Like my mother.

Other, more obvious changes:

-5 years ago, I never would guess I'd be this weight I'm at (I'd have been horrified, but now that I'm here, not so bad)


-never would have guessed that guy I was hooking up with would propose to me

-never would have guessed I abandoned my intended career path that I was once very serious about

What life changes would 5 years younger you not believe?

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