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50% Chance I'm Being Catfished

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When I woke up this morning, I had an email from "Anita":

hey cutie, I saw you on a dating site sometime last week, i got somegoodpic for ya..txt my num real fast its six two three - 666####


There was a picture of a real woman in the message body. She had her clothes on, which I appreciated.

But I'm not on a dating site. I live across the country from that area code. Also, Anita's email address is david.alvarez##@gmail.com.


I'm kind of excited, I've never been catfished before. I don't know what people have against catfish; they're delicious and I'm hungry. Also, Anita seems nice (dunno about David, though).

BRB calling MTV, going to be famous.

*Numbers changed to protect the fish

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