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Illustration for article titled 50 dogs abandoned at Vancouver area animal shelters

Thirty eight dogs were found abandoned in front of a Richmond, BC animal shelter and another 12 were found in front of a New Westminster animal shelter on Friday morning. The dogs had been left in cages, covered in tarps.


Police can't say for sure that the two incidents are related, but it seems rather likely. The good news is, dogs are apparently in good physical condition and are well behaved, so they will probably be able to adopt them out relatively quickly. However, the shelters say it will probably cost $12 000 to care for them until they are able to adopt them out.

I can't fathom this. Did someone rent a U-haul, fill it up with dog crates, and then dump them off on Thursday night, in the middle of an electrical storm? From the condition of the dogs it doesn't sound like they were part of a puppy mill, so where did they come from?


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