I just stumbled upon this. It‚Äôs a pretty good list, I think. I was surprised to see I‚Äôve read a lot of these books, and a handful of them when I was not the ‚Äúcoming of age‚ÄĚ age.

There‚Äôs also a lot that I want to read‚ÄĒ particularly We Have Always Lived in the Castle and Transformations (I read a lot of Sexton when I was an angsty teen, but never this one!). I‚Äôm curious about The Complete Claudine too.


The first eight books on the list (except Self-Help and Get in Trouble‚ÄĒ never read either of them) were a big deal for me when I was middle-high school. And a bunch of the others, but littleraptor wants to make pumpkin bread now I have to cut this short.