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50 Shades Of Green Takes Twilight Apart and Puts It Back Together

I have always been a fan of Lindsay from The Nostalgia Chick.She gives a critical analysis of elements of female nostalgia from both a nostalgic perspective and a political perspective.I have recently started going through her series 50 Shades of Green


Here is where Lindsay Ellis and her friend Antonella"Nella" Inserra introduce their project.The series picks up more in the second "episode" where they discuss the importance of gimmicks and the basic elements of a twilight-esque story. I found it very interesting(and, of course, funny). For instance, I didn't realize the Ethnic Third Wheel element until they pointed it out.

Some points were made with too simple a judgement, but there is still a lot of interesting points brought up and discussed. I look forward to watching more, and seeing how the story develops.

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