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50th bday gift for someone you don't know at all

My aunt is turning 50 and is having a party. I don’t know her at all - have never been to her house, so have no idea what her taste/style is like. I was just stalking her on FB to see if I could learn anything - and all I can glean is that she likes to drink (and drink a lot) and likes dogs. Oh, I also know she likes antique furniture and going to auctions to buy stuff. I have no idea what style/era she likes though.

So, I need to get her gift. My mom suggested we buy something together, but then decided to buy something with one of my cousins instead. Another cousin is getting her a loft gift card. I prefer to not do a gift card bc I am probably the poorest person in the whole family by far and the GC amount would be pathetic. Gift cards are also not really my style.

I’m currently looking at kitchen stuff at anthropologie to see if I can find something pretty that is objectively pretty that I could maybe get (and include a gift receipt). Anyone have any other brilliant ideas?


Things I am considering at anthro:

(the first one is more than I want to spend though)

I had been thinking of a nice teapot or something bc I invited all my female NY relatives to tea for new years, and she had never been to afternoon/high tea and was pretty excited by the whole thing.


OMG - look at this teapot!


Edited to add: I’m not a drinker, so am not really into the idea of buying her wine. I’d be okay with buying her some ridiculous flavored vodka or liqueur or something though, but buying alcohol of any kind would be my last choice.

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