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You will likely never find an article on Breitbart telling white people to kill black people. What you will find is a site that is carefully tilling the soil for a certain ideology to grow, one that says “Being afraid of nonwhites is as reasonable as being afraid of a rabid dog … and we both know what they do to rabid dogs.” Dylan Roof claimed in his manifesto that the genesis of his violent racism was typing “black on white crime” into Google.


Now, after being shown a list of headlines to force the conclusion that white males are under siege, users then need to be surrounded by others who will reassure them that this conclusion is the correct one. On alt-right message boards, you’ll find extremely tight moderation policies banning any dissenting opinion. For instance, the heart of Donald Trump’s online movement was the subreddit r/The_Donald, with more than 360,000 users. It’s a place for discussion of the same carefully filtered headlines as Breitbart, and its stated rules make it clear that it is for Trump supporters only – any hint of dissent gets you banned. It is carefully crafted as a safe space where someone dipping their toe into the alt-right will find only agreement and reassurance. No challenge, no debate, no discussion beyond fist-pumping reaffirmation. Stormfront banishes opposing opinions to one section, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any opposing opinions even there.

This is crucial because it’s not only opposing opinions they’re banning – it’s opposing facts. They will post a news article about, let’s say, an immigrant committing a crime. If you reply with statistics demonstrating that immigrants are less likely to be criminals, they’ll delete it and ban you. If you try to add context to posted articles or point out inaccuracies in headlines, again, you’re gone. These bubbles are sealed off better than a goddamned bioweapons lab.

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