Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

These past few days have sucked, more or less. I know it's partly the winter blues, part school and part boy problems, (gag me), and boy does it feel nice to vent to a third party sometimes. Sometimes everything sucks, but spring will be here soon, which means I'll be able to get out a LOT easier. I don't remember who posted the link to the site not too long ago, but thanks. You did me a huge damn favor. It's kinda weird because on occasion I feel like my feelings aren't worth complaining about, that my usual winter slump is all in my head. That's obviously garbage. I love this community and its ability to hold my hand whenever I need it, even through a screen. This is my goofy way of saying you never really know how much you could be helping.

GT rules. <3


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