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7 Things To Consider About Your Hotel Stay

I work in the industry now and I see the same recurring issues. I want to kind of send out some helpful hints, in case I can curb any of that in order to provide people with a painless and more satisfying travel experience.

1. If you can, book directly with your hotel.

This is important for many reasons. People who have reservations that have been booked through our website, walk ins or by phone have WAY more autonomy for amendments and discounts than reservations booked through third party. We have more power to give you exactly what you want.


Third party websites such as expedia, hotels.com etc are GREAT for getting discounted rates, however, a lot of times they suck. The problem with them is they are trying to sell our hotel. It is completely legal for them to write things that are false. For example our hotel is listed on a lot of sites as having smokings rooms, being pet friendly and having roll away beds. None of these things are true.


The simple act of putting our address into google maps will mean worlds of difference to you if you've never been to the city. Getting a good idea of how far away from things you want to see is monumental to your enjoyment, especially if you are traveling without a car.

Also, check out the hotel's website/facebook/twitter etc in order to ascertain what events might be going on during your stay. Don't want to deal with pool parties or Pride Weekend? Then don't. We make no secret as to when the hotel is less than quiet.

If there are certain amenities that are very important to you (I need a fridge for my medicine) always try to double check that they will be available for you.


3. Bring Extra Money

Some, not all, hotels require deposits. These deposits are most likely going to be on a card and will be for the duration of your stay. If you are unsure of the hotel's deposit policy call ahead of your stay to be prepared. Also, if the reservation is not prepaid, the amount of your stay PLUS the deposit will be held on a card until the time of check out. This is something that trips a lot of people up.


And furthermore call. Call us anytime. We would much rather spend 20 minutes with you on the phone explaining the hotel, amenities and policies than have you show up unaware and have that conversation in person when you're tired and just want to get to a room. We're here to make sure you get what you want.

4. Read the reviews (yelp, trip advisor), but…. grain of salt

A lot of reviews that I see which are negative arise from either situations beyond our control or the guest not properly notifying staff of issues. Sometimes they are flat out true and we all have bad days. If you see something, and if you want to know if it's true, call us and ask. I have no issues with addressing those reviews head on as most of the time it was just a misunderstanding.


And once you're at the hotel…..

5. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Hotels have different policies, rules and procedures. Some people find some of them hard to follow, annoying or un fun. I understand this. However, do NOT yell, scream or cuss out the staff for this. I guarantee the person you are yelling at has zero control over what you are mad about and the person who does is already long gone at home or sitting in an air conditioned office far AWAY from guests.


Bring up your concerns, and we will try our best to cater to you. Sometimes we are able to bend certain rules for certain situations, but most of the time, not. Please let us try though haha.

*I will say if the policy is in some way causing you actual pain/discomfort or is somehow extremely hindering your ability to do anything, let us know immediately before the problem escalates. We want you to be safe/secure and happy during your stay


6. Tell us your concerns/issues right away

Sometimes during check out i'll have guests that tell me "___ didn't work the whole time I was here" or "I never got _____". PLEASE tell us when this happens. It honestly bums us out when we hear these things as we are in the business of giving you a great stay. It is unacceptable that your TV didn't work for 5 days and you are not bothering us by letting us know that.


and lastly,


If you call down to the desk for a cab, please know two things

1. That taxi will take WHOEVER is outside. It doesn't matter if you gave me a room number or a last name, that cab will be gone


2. If there is no one outside, that cab will move on to the next call

There is nothing more frustrating than calling 4 cabs for 1 person. Taxi cab drivers are mean y'all. You don't want any of that.

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