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70s movie series good, bad and the blah

Since CNN is doing a 70s retrospective series. I guess Zucker believes the world lacks news stories.

Anyways here is mine based on movie series. Some started in the sixties but bulk was in the 70s. I am not counting Star Wars since bulk of the movies was the eighties.

The good. Planet of the Apes and Godfather. I do consider GF a bit too in love with the mafia. Planet of the Apes ok unpopular opinion but the fourth was the best movie of the series.


The good. Roger Moore as James Bond. Moore perfectly symbolized a seventies Bond. The older I get the more I appreciate his movies.

Omen. First Omen was good Exorcist was better. Second Omen light years ahead of Exorcist II

Started good but collapsed. Exorcist blah the second film was so bad. Dirty Harry the first film was decent. Guilt trip movje Death Wish

Bad Billy Jack please smeone defend it I cannot

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