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Update: F'ed Up Texas Humor: Abbott and 7th Grader Got A "Most Likely To Be A Terrorist" Award Teacher Not Fired

Abbott story is second.

I know firing teachers is not the easiest thing to do. But come on this teacher should have been fired last year for giving a “how black are you” test to a student.


There is nothing funny about terrorism I would put this type of award as “you shall never, never do period”. I do not care if it was a joke and I assume it was. Its tasteless.

To even think about connecting terrorism with a student is just frightening. I was in the 7th grade once. I know I would have thought “why did I get this?”, “do I give a vibe of being a potential terrorist”, “did I say something that could lead my teacher to think I am a potential terrorist”, “do my classmates think I am”.

Fire him.

Update oh christ. You would think this week with a journalist being body slammed republican politicians would make these jokes. Well Texas Governor Abbott did. He just joked about shooting reporters.


What is wrong with you Texas.


Sigh. Coarsening of America continues.

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