Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Ok one of my pet peeves is how people on FB will share ANYTHING even if they have no proof other than something someone posted. This list irks me because it makes no sense to even try in a lot of these situations OR you wouldn't think to remember to do this if you were some of these situations anyway. Is your mind going to refer to this list? I doubt it, unless you memorize it.


My cousin is terrible about sharing these random "warning" lists or stories. She shared something about some creepy game that kids play on their DS or something. And then there was the whole KONY 2012 fiasco that was hilarious. I can't think of another dumb list people post right now. Anybody else have any they wanna share?


Oh and then people will invite me to play Candy Crush and other games I'll never ever play. Fortunately I learned how to turn that off in my FB settings.

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