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9 pound Stripah! aka: What's cookin'?

After catching a 7 pounder on Monday, he caught this beauty today. My mouth & stomach are so fuckin’ happy. Then I get to boop this man in places other than his nose :)

After two hours of careful breading & frying in butter, then finishing in a 325 degree oven it thankfully cooked as hoped. Meanwhile, making the Sister Recipe of Tuna Noodle Salad & fresh green vegetables, YAY!

Ohhhh, and we dug STEAMERS earlier this week & made them history in our mouths tonight. You guise...digging clams is pretty easy; digging steamers is hard!


2 Tupperware’s going to both of our Mothers, but plenty left for us after chowing down.

Wish you were here :)

What did you cook this weekend, loves??


Bonus Beagle Butt:

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