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9 year old accidentally shoots firearms instructor in head with an Uzi

Charles Vacca, a firearms instructor is dead, after the nine year old girl that he was instructing in how to use an Uzi lost control of the weapon and accidentally shot him in the head.

The girl and her family were visiting "The Last Stop" , a restaurant, bar, RV park and shooting range located near the Nevada/Arizona border. The park has a "Bullets and Burgers" program that offers customers a deal on lunch and a visit to the shooting range where they can choose from 20 different automatic weapons to fire.

Vacca was standing next to the girl when she fired the weapon. The recoil from the Uzi forced the weapon upward, where it shot Vacca in the head. No word on what type of Uzi it was, or how many times he was struck in the head.


That poor child. She will have to live the rest of her life with having accidentally and violently killing another human being, because of the poor judgement of the adults around her. What nine year old has the upper body strength to control a sub machine gun?

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