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Welcome To The Bitchery
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90-day challenge check in (day 14)

To all challengers - how’s it going? Are you still on track? Need to get back on track? Need help or advice? Post it here!

Here’s my check in: I kept on better track this week than last. I let myself have one day this week when I didn’t run, and I think I will do that every week. I’m going to increase my running by one song again this week (I’m using the Hamilton soundtrack as my running playlist).


My plan for eating healthfully has been going well, except for one day when I ordered some venezuelan food (yum!). I’ve been using Hello Fresh (their vegetarian meals) to get me cooking and eating more healthfully, which have been pretty ok. On Friday, I made their risotto, which was very tasty but hurt my stomach terribly. The bibimbap was pretty ridiculous (but maybe I’d like it if I’d never had really delicious bibimbap before). But the sweet potato/black bean bake I made yesterday was delicious. I like that they give you the full recipes so you can make them on your own. I don’t like that the vegetarian meals are low on protein and not very adventurous. I also don’t love that I have to cut the vegetables on my own (I know, I’m lazy). I’m trying Plated this week - the vegetarian meals look more adventurous, but maybe also heavier, which isn’t ideal. I previously used Meez Meals, which I liked bc the veggies were chopped and the sauces were pre-made, but they started including meat in their dishes, which lowered the number I could eat. I also just grew tired of their dishes (way too much repetition).

Overall it is going well, and I just feel way way better.

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