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Welcome To The Bitchery

And I don't know how I feel about that. Granted, I was born in 1991, so I wasn't quite thinking about my personal style throughout most of the 90s. But IMHO, the 90s weren't the best era for attractive-looking shoes. For instance, jelly shoes are really trendy right now. In all honesty, why would I pay $59 or $55 for some dumb rubbery shoes that my mom probably paid $10 for in the 90s? (I did have jelly shoes when I was a kid). And also, platforms were in-style in the 90s, and sure, you can find some cool platform shoes and platform heels nowadays, but why would anyone pay $130 for these creepers, or $71.80 for these (they're apparently really popular, though), or $178 for these, or best of all $139 for these rainbow monstrosities that don't even come with the pictured kandi beads (how disappointing!!!)? And not to mention $155 for these Jeffrey Campbell shoes or $98 for these foam sandals that I definitely had a similar pair of but probably cost $90 less and that I could probably carve out myself given the right tools and a block of foam.


Not trying to be a shoe-snob or anything. There are some looks I can get behind. For instance, I believe in Doc Marten boots. I also think some platform sandal wedges and heeled sandals are rather cute. But people, people, people. Reevaluate the way you're throwing your money at shoes that are clearly fucking AWFUL to look at. If anything, thrift these styles. That's pretty much as authentic as it gets.

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