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94 year old woman rescued from Abusive Caregivers by Pharmacy Delivery Man

It all started when Norma Marshall was looking for a new housekeeper. She hired Vera Nunes, who gradually moved from just cleaning to cooking and helping with Marshall's finances. Then one day, Nunes showed at at the door with her husban and two children, who moved into Marshall's apartment.

Marshall found herself confined to her bedroom most of the time while Nunes, and her husband, Louis Serpa Da Conciacao Santos, allegedly sold off Marshall's furniture and emptied her bank account.


Fortunately, the delivery man for Norma's pharmacy, Firoz Jogiat, became suspicious when a strange man answered the door. Jogiat has been doing deliveries to Marshall for 10 years, and the man's claim that he was part of Marshall's family did not sit right with him. The next time he made a weekly delivery, he insisted on seeing Marshall. When she seemed frightened, he went back to the Pharmacy and spoke to the Pharmacist about it, who then called police.


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