Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A 20+ year old mystery...

When I was in my twenties and used to party ALL THE DAMN TIME, I always wore a very heavy silver band on my thumb. This band would sometimes slip on and off very easily due to strange weight fluctuations caused by said partying.

One night (like many many nights at that time) I was out drinking and dancing with friends. I went to the restroom and in my struggling with tights and drawers and whatever, my ring slipped off. I never heard it hit the floor or the water in the toilet. I stood up and shook out my bottoms and nothing. I spend a drunk amount of time looking for it but couldn't find it and was sad.


Anyway so I party until the wee hours and then sleep it all off until early afternoon and get up to take a shower. When I took off my pjs to get in the shower something goes PING and IT'S MY DAMN RING! Now from the time it slipped off my thumb to now I had used the toilet multiple times and changed out of my sweaty, smoky clothes into sleep clothes. So the question has always been WHERE WAS THE RING THAT WHOLE TIME??? Did it get caught in my vag? If so, why hadn't it fallen out at one of my pee times?

It is still a mystery over 20 years later.

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