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A Better Prenatal Vitamin?

For my inaugural GT post, I'd like to query the mothering crowd out there - what's the least offensive prenatal vitamin?

Mr. PS and I are intending to attempt for a small human come August. Being the good little researcher, I know it's considered a good practice to begin taking a prenatal vitamin a few months before the deed. Thus armed with a list of helpful supplement ingredients (calcium! folate! DHA!), I searched my local CVS shelves and found about 20 different prenatals. Not sure which ones to pick, I opted for the Nature's Way version which happened to be, you know, BOGO. So it seemed like the right choice at the time.


Brought my two shiny, new bottles of prenatals home and WOW. Not only are these things massive (about an inch long) but they have a weird floral-citrus scent and flavor. I can only assume they were assigned this weird flavor profile to help cover up the fishy smell/taste from the DHA, which is definitely still present as background noise. Also, the burps taste utterly disgusting.

Is there a better, or at least more palatable, brand of prenatal vitamin? I saw some gummies and found that concept interesting (if comparatively expensive). My newly purchased ones from today will be going back - if I can barely choke them down non-impregnated, I hate to imagine the battle once I'm queasy from a demanding human parasite.

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