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Seriously though. I'm so sick of it! I'm in need of a major haircut, and I will probably get ~10-12 inches cut off so it's around neck to shoulder length. My hair isn't curly or straight or really even that wavy. It's kinda wavy, but not defined. Anyway, it gets SO tangle-y. Even if I straighten it and smooth it out and use products to deep condition it, it will easily tangle up within 10 minutes of brushing. It wasn't like this before, but I think I stripped it down a lot with hair dye over the past year, so I need to get rid of the damaged parts.

The hair needs to go. It sucks because I want to grow it out longer, but I just can't deal with the tangles anymore. It's so frustrating. Why does hair have to be so annoying to deal with? I'm not even sure what kind of style I would want to cut it into. Maybe a long bob with straight-across bangs? Sigh.

Okay. End rant!

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