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A big round of applause for the hashbrown, puffed rice, and slipper fairies!

In terms of unexpected goodness, this has been a banner week. It was especially nice because we just had another dire $700 car repair. The good things that happened, not in any sort of order, because I want to make sure I include them all.

1) An acquaintance (not really a friend, even) who was moving to another state offered us the foodstuffs she could not take with her. We got about a week's worth of things like peanut butter, canned soups, granola bars, applesauce, frozen and canned veggies, and even a few packs of frozen meat. A tremendous help after the awful car repair.

2) Our reduced lunch status letter from the school system arrived. This doesn't help us much with lunches, because the kids pack their lunches (due to allergies), but it does give us a discount on the after school program that they have to attend since I work regular business hours.


3) A case of puffed rice cereal arrived on our doorstep! My son was so excited, he couldn't stand it. He ate half of a bag almost immediately, because he hadn't had puffed rice in so long. He was so happy that it made me cry. He's had it for breakfast and as an afternoon snack every day since.

4) The hashbrown fairy also left a surprise for us —- 8 boxes of dehydrated hashbrown potatoes!

5) Lastly - slippers! I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have had a decent (let alone NEW) pair of slippers. I can't wear them just yet, because it is still too dang hot here, but I cannot wait for the temperature to drop so I can slide my tired tootsies into them at the end of the day! Plus - I will have slippers for my hospital stay when the baby arrives!

6) Speaking of the baby - I've felt the first little bumping around in there movements, and I'm so excited :)

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