...to the Grouthinker/Crosstalker who suggested I skip the Kindle and buy a Nexus 7 instead.

So far, I LOVE THIS THING. The screen is so bright and clear. Everything POPS on it. I've watched movies and TV shows on it, and the picture and sound are incredible.

My only complaint is that I purchased a keyboard case for it, and the keyboard is super teeny. It's going to take some getting used to. I'm usually a decent typist, but I find myself having to toggle back and correct a spelling mistake every five seconds because of how dang small the keys are.

That, and Office Depot is selling a Samsung Chromebook for under 300 bucks, so I think I'm having a little bit of buyer's remorse. Maybe.

The Nexus is amazing, though. It's a great device for the price (and I did get it super cheap with an online deal).

ETA: that I love that this is an Android device named a Nexus 7. Get it? Android? Nexus? Seriously, if you don't get the reference, we can't be friends :/. (Okay, we can be friends, but I am srsly side eying you.)