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Welcome To The Bitchery

Y’all, I got the nastiest, most condescending, passive-aggressive email I’ve ever seen this morning - it wasn’t addressed to me directly, but it implied that I was at fault for a thing I WAS JUST TOLD ABOUT YESTERDAY at like 4:30 pm not being done by 9 am today. And THEN this person sent a follow-up email with a nasty non-apology. (This thing involved multiple people signing off on paperwork, not just me.) Anyway, long story short, OTHER person (not related to my workplace but peripherally involved in this ridiculousness) sent an apology email for the first person’s tone, saying she can be “a bit brusque”. I was all


I mean....this email was probably the most unprofessional thing I’ve seen someone (a HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL AND SCIENTIST, no less) do or say in a very long time. I’m still flabbergasted by it hours later.

Is it me, or is there a trend of excusing shitty behavior like this? Why are people seemingly so reluctant to call someone out and say “hey, you’re kind of being an asshole right now.” I get that you can’t always do that in a professional situation, but damn. We’re trying to have a society here, people.

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