To preface this, I really don't want this to sound concern-trollish. So my parents seem to be picking up (cigarette) smoking again. My dad quit for about a year, and my mom only smokes when her friends or family members are smoking. They're not smoking frequently, and before they had their smoking hiatus, they smoked a lot less than they did when I was a kid. But they're at it again after a period of time where they only smoked socially. I know it's technically not my business, but my dad's dad died from freaking lung cancer, so it bothers me that my dad is smoking more and more again. My mom feels shameful every time I catch her. But what I hate MOST is that they try to hide it from me! It's so obvious since I'm home pretty much every night. My dad will go on our balcony or porch to smoke, and my house isn't this huge can hear every door opening. Just now, I went to give him something and found him smoking outside on the porch, and he tried to hide from me (haha, silly dad!).

My point is, my parents are adults and they can do whatever they want to do, and I won't try to get in the way of their decision to smoke on some nights. But I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel a bit upset over this.