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Yes, thank you. I don't get enough messages from men telling me how and what I should be. How unique of you to create a blog specifically for this! AND you use the word "whore" and "crazy" towards women. I bet you are a Nice Guy!

Sorry. I rage blacked out for a second.

A Facebook friend shared this and I may know the author of the blog. It is taking every bit of self-control to not reply.


Just a snippet from the post about larger women "shaming" thin women:

On a side note, if women are wondering when Marilyn became unattractive it's when men found out she was certifiably crazy, a whore who got together with married men and men with girlfriends, addicted to drugs, and high maintenance with her "If you cant accept me at my worst" quote. No one wants to deal with that no matter how pretty a size 16 she was.

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