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A Bold Statement

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban is really a great film. Start to finish, awesome. All the details and the little moments, the coloring, the mood, the subtle details that become important later—really great stuff. Makes the Chris Columbus ones look like crud, which is fine. They needed to be quiet little stand-alone movies, to introduce us to this world, but it's the third one that showed us the magic.

I feel like this is the Wrath of Khan of the Harry Potter movies: the one that will hold up and be awesome, decades from now. There's enough well-executed twists, new viewers will be rapt by it for a long time. It's so surprising that this came after the Chris Columbus ones, the happy-kid ones, and it really did set the tone for all the rest in the series. Keeping it smart and complex, which is really what the award-winning supporting cast deserved anyway. I now need to catch up on all of Alfonso Cuaron's stuff.


I really love this movie. So. Much.

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