About a year ago, I think many of us made posts on our own personal kinjas that were tagged posts with our contact information. Now, they changed the page that you get when you type someone’s name.kinja.com—-like snacktastic.kinja.com, all that appears are people’s posts that they posted to their own kinja (not to GT or any other subblog)—which is a change. They used to not separate out our own kinja posts on that page. As a result, for many people, the first thing that might pop up on your kinja could be this post with your email address. If that’s cool with you, then rock on. If not and you don’t want to first thing to pop up to be an email, then you might want to change that.

ETA: you can also do kinja-wide searches for tags on posts, so i can plug in a tag name on my dashboard and get every post all over kinja with that tag. These posts were also tagged and that might be an additional piece of info that you want to know. I don’t mean to be all doomy but I think that when they change the platform to add features, you should be aware of it.