Ok, I'm a little hammered from the whole Live Blog Project Runway. But hey, Mr. Hippity was there. And a former Groupthink mod. It was wonderful. So here is my maybe once or twice a week review of what we're doing over at Backtalk! We love enchanting voyages. I'm sure so do you!

We do it to give you one stop shopping of what we having going on here while also trying to avoid inundating the community with shares. We're doing our best.

Here are a few fun links. This week, we've been talking about Travel. And in all sorts of wonderful ways. LeChategris reminisced about Le Ballon Rouge, I'm a Little Teapot was full of wonderment about the foods we eat, Al Pastor asked us about our favorite neighborhood and I Dreamed of Space Travel. And dear Cheerful, she is the happiest of us all.

We have a new weekly feature courtesy of Scavenger Daughter. Trivia!


Oh and this made me laugh. We're so funny that I mean we even make A Trip to the Optometrist sound exciting.

We like photography, like people eating in New York. Oh and our resident Queen of Photography, Owl, who shares so many majestic pictures, shared some favorites.


And we like talking about Kinja, both here and here.


Oh and if you want entertainment, join us every night for our midnight movie! Here is a favorite of mine! And this. Oh, Madam. This is wonderful.

There is more but I have to go drinking some wine, my friends. You have a pleasant weekend and maybe I'll see you again soon! I'm drinking cherry wine that I bought in Lancaster. Do you even like fruit wine? Let me know in the comments below!