Hi y'all! I will post an update later on, but I stood up and walked to a chair on my own. Going to put on my pjs, eat some solid food for lunch and then move out of the ICU. So, I'm doing well.

However, my love, my Doctor.... Your Doctor Bright Eyes is still stuck 12 hours away from me... And I know he's been incredibly frustrated with not being able to hold my hand and worried himself into being physically ill.

So, as a favor...can we have a gif party in his honor?! He likes: puns, corny jokes, Doctor Who (obvs), the kittehz, and is newly obsessed with the show Castle. However, he loves anything :-D

I love y'all! I know NuKinja will let me gif... but I'm going in and out...so please disregard my lack of gifs. {I really will stop posting about my own shit soon}.