That individually would not make up a post, but brought together become enough worth reading:

* On the Jimmy Fallon/Idina Menzel/Roots video, if you go to the YouTube page, you find this little nugget: "Fun fact: The "L,I,G" letters on those wooden blocks stand for 'Let It Go' and were borrowed from Jimmy's daughter, Winnie." If I had ovaries, they would have exploded.

* For all the Eugene-area folks: I'm going to be the Eugene Irish Cultural Festival playing my crazy, psychotic Irish sport. For more deets, email me at OregonBeast83 through that well-known email service Google provides.

*For Pacific Northwest board game lovers everywhere: Anyone going to GameStorm in a couple of weeks? I'm going to be there and will be looking to play a whole lot of games, in addition to have one of my own game designs getting a play test.

Finally, best use of Carcassonne tiles EVER.