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A Bus Hit My Car Today

Every one is safe, but I am pissed.

Here’s the details. I was in NJ, stopped at a red light. There was one car in front of me and the transit bus in the lane to my right, immediately beside me. After the light turns green I start to accelerate through the intersection. The bus starts to merge left, right on top of me and causes my right side mirror to break off. I quickly move ahead of him then pull over to check the damages.

The bus stops too, and we start the exchange of information. He says “ You Philadelphia/Pennsylvania drivers never let us out. You know there’s a big sign on the back of the bus stating it’s NJ law to yield to busses.” I say nothing, just continue writing.


Even if the law states that cars must yield to busses, because I am already next to him and thus have no way of knowing that he wanted to merge left, doesn’t that make the accident his fault?

I plan to call my insurance company Monday. I'm just so pissed about this.

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