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A town in my province, in the 70s, decided to run a pilot program to give people under the poverty line a living wage. Not welfare or food stamps, just flat out give them money to bring their income up over the poverty line.

The numbers showed that it increased health, increased test scores for the kids, and helped the local economy. But, shortly after the program started the conservatives came in to power and killed the program, and everyone has forgotten about it.


We will never see this again in North America. The US is too dysfunctional, and the conservatives in Canada are united and powerful - their majority government has set us back decades. Best case scenario is that the liberals or NDP win in the next election and spend 10 years getting us back to where we were, only for the cons to get elected and fuck everything up again.

Fuck the conservatives. And fuck people who think everyone can go to hell and die because “I got mine”.

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