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Welcome To The Bitchery

Beast Cat has chronic kidney issues. Yesterday, he started acting like a moody teenager and I saw some pee spots on the floor, which usually indicates that he has urine crystals.

Every time I take my lovely money trap to the vet, it costs $300 to give him fluids and affirm that yes, he has crystals. I might take him for the pain killers tonight so that at least he's comfortable until things have calmed down. I'm considering switching him to kidney food full time (Science Diet k/d renal health is the most widely available), though it's like... $1.70 a can at best and it's a challenge to control his diet with 4 other cats in the house (I am not a crazy cat collector, I live with three other adults at the moment).


Does anyone have any experience dealing with a cat with chronic kidney issues? I want him to be comfortable, but also I need to figure out a solution so that I don't have to keep taking him to the vet for fluids and pain killers every few months. I feel like a bad cat parent. Choosing between cat food brands is like trying to pick the lesser evil.

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