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Over on nycyclist's thread about Cat Water Fountains, user okiedokiethen had an additional question about her kitten and adult cat. Making a new post to get her concern more attention:

I apologize for this thread-jack, but I have a cat related-question too! Before we got the kitten, the adult was on half-wet, half-dry in order to up her fluid intake, encourage bladder health, and control her weight. Then we got the kitten and it all went out the window because she would just eat the kitten's food. Who would blame her? It has nommy calories and fat in it! So I switched them both to half kitten food, half bladder health food. The vet said that the kitten needs the kitten food, but the bladder health food won't harm him. Unfortunately, the kitten food makes adult kitty super fat. I would really like to get her back on wet food, but I remember that taking forever last time and I don't want her just stealing the baby's food, possibly lessening his nutritional intake in the meantime. I was thinking of leaving wet food mixed with kitten food out for both of them, so they are both forced to eat the wet. But I really don't want to hurt the little guy's development!!

I have tried feeding them at set times, but they just don't eat very quickly and I don't want the little guy to go hungry. I will put kitten food in front of kitten and adult food in front of adult, and they trade places. So we switch the bowls and they trade again.... We also have tried separating them at meal times, but again, they don't eat quickly enough. Short of locking them in separate rooms during the day, what should we do? How young of a cat can you start on wet food? How worried should I be about his development?

The kitten is 4.5 months and old and the adult is 4 years.

I have never had a kitten because I prefer having a cat with a set personality in place so I know what I'm getting, so I can't offer good advice. Anyone else have any thoughts?


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